Theatre Set Construction London

The world of the stage is a magical one. Here, we find adventure, romance, poetry and pathos. Kings and Queens, soldiers and merchants, beggars and orphans all share the opportunity to capture our imagination. Empires are built, hearts are broken, and lives are laid bare on a nightly basis.

The ability to engage with an audience is the hallmark of a great actor. But even the greatest of actors would struggle to transport their audience without the tools of their trade; that is, the costumes, the props, and the scenic backdrops which may often be as crucial to the story as the dialogue. Theatre set construction companies in London are among the best in the world, as befits a city with so many world class play houses. Their job is to bring to life stories in terms of details, filling in the areas in the spectator’s peripheral vision. The set must illuminate the performance, but not overpower it. It should give the audience just enough visual material to allow them to suspend their disbelief.

Here in London, theatre set construction has become an art form in itself. Some set designers take a resolutely realist approach, portraying each scene as if it were a visual document of the setting of the play. Others try to subtly include visual metaphors, surrealist touches, and even hidden jokes in their projects. Colour palates and visual textures are all important. All the sets for a particular play must share a harmonious theme. And the set construction in each theatre must be appropriate to every facet of the infinitely varied demographic of London.

Handmade Creations have been active in London as theatre set construction contractors since 1991. During that time, the art of set design has continued to evolve, with new tastes, new materials, and new ways of working. Theatre audiences has become more discerning, and the challenge to set designers is to find new ways to hold peoples attention. Lighting effects are one of the devices in a designer’s arsenal. With carefully designed lights and props, a single set can be used in many different ways. It can represent the same place at different times of day, or different places with similar architecture or features. Or it could represent something else entirely; a landscape becomes an animal, and then a flower, with just a flick of a switch on the lighting rig.

Some of the innovations in set design never become visible to the audience. Sets which collapse on themselves can be stored more easily in theatres with limited space. A set construction contractor may devise a whole set and prop storage system for his or her favourite London theatre. When sets, staging and props are all designed by the same theatre professional, London audiences are treated to the best the set construction industry has to offer. Handmade Creations are one of the companies which offer across the board service, just check out the gallery on the website for examples of past work.

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