Television set construction London

Do you remember the television programs you watched as a child? Fantasy worlds populated by whimsical characters, often speaking in unintelligible dialects. But surprisingly, what people often remember most about such programs is not the performers or storylines, but the brightly coloured backgrounds. These were the worlds in which the tales of childish fantasy played out. Or, imagine watching the television news. The headlines may be of politics, society, or sport, but the visual image of a smartly dressed newscaster sat at a desk is what sticks in our mind. There are whole companies which specialize in television set design and construction, and most of them are based in or around London.

The design and construction of a London television set revolves around the type of program being made, and its intended audience. Bright and colourful sets are suitable for children’s programs, with bold, cartoon like shapes and minimum clutter. News and factual programs, on the other hand, must immediately appear serious, but also dynamic. Game show sets often make creative use of lighting to create a scene which is attractive to the viewer. Dramatic programs will usually wish to recreate scenes from real life as backdrops, such as a city street or the interior of a home. In this last case, sets are often extensively detailed to add realism. Some sets for soap operas and similar programs may be used again and again, year after year. It’s no wonder London television set construction contractors are in such high demand.

Until you look out for them, you don’t realise how many London produced television programs use a set made by a specialist construction company. Take football coverage as an example. You know when the producer cuts to the pundits in the studio at half time? Every aspect of that studio has had to be designed and built by someone. Such a studio will typically be brightly lit, with the colours of the main sponsor prominently displayed. The shapes and visual textures used in the construction of the studio set may be chosen to match the graphics displayed on screen during the game. This continuity makes for a more pleasurable experience for the viewer, and increases recognition of the sponsor’s logo and branding.

Game shows are a different proposition for London based television set construction experts. A couple of decades ago, the sets for most gameshows were bright and friendly, with lots of warm, muted colours and studio audiences who were clearly visible. The exception was Mastermind, which used a dark and brooding set designed to create drama and tension. In recent years, many other shows have followed Mastermind’s lead. Many quiz shows use a dark backdrop, with bright lights only on the contestants. Television set construction companies in London are constantly coming up with more creative ways to keep TV exciting, and Handmade Creations are in the forefront of this innovation. Check out the website for extensive galleries of photographs of previous work and contact details, you wont be disappointed.

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