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At Handmade Creations Ltd, we’re a unique contractor that provides a service like no other. When our business was first established, we put all our efforts into set and prop construction. However, over the years we learned to adapt our skills and apply them to different environments. Now, as well as our original prop/set services we provide shopfitting and joinery for many of our clients. 

We’re an independent company, and it’s our top priority to keep our clients satisfied. This is why we have a plethora of loyal clients that keep returning to us for our services. We do everything by hand and really take the time to ensure we bring your vision to life. 
Shopfitting and Joinery
Based in Southampton, we undergo lots of different shopfitting and joinery projects. Through years of constructing perfect sets and props, we realised our skills could be applied in other ways as well. So, we took our expert contracting skills and started shopfitting and joinery services to cater to different clients. 

We’re able to complete a variety of projects depending on the client. One of the most popular uses of our shopfitting and joinery services is for office refurbishments. We can take your old office and turn it into something more aesthetically pleasing and practical. Thanks to our background in set construction, we can also be very creative with our work. If you’re looking for a unique office design, we’re the company to call. 

Furthermore, we don’t just carry out shopfitting and joinery projects for offices. We’ve serviced a range of clients with different premises. During our time we’ve helped refurbish libraries, receptions, and even hospitals. 

Regardless of the task, all our work is carried out by seasoned professionals. We have a team of fully-qualified contractors that are capable of working tirelessly to please our clients. What’s more, we know all the relevant health & safety regulations to ensure nobody gets hurt on the job. There are many cases where our shopfitting and joinery work requires us to complete jobs around other people. For example, if we’re refurbishing an area of a library, there are still members of the public using other areas. So, this puts a greater focus on safety, and we ensure everyone on your premises is completely free from harm. 

All of our shopfitting and joinery projects are led by you, the client. You tell us your vision, and we bring it to life. Our team is on-hand to provide specialist advice and ideas if you ever need it. But, at the end of the day, everything about the design is decided by you. 
Contact Us For Shopfitting And Joinery Services
If you have an office or other premises in need of refurbishing, contact us today. As qualified contractors with decades of experience, we guarantee to satisfy your wishes. We get the job done promptly, so you don’t have to deal with a contracting team disrupting operations for months on end. Our service is efficient, and we offer the highest quality possible. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries or are interested in our complete service. 

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