Prop hire and prop making

Do you require props or sets for an upcoming project? Perhaps you’re attending a business exhibition or are preparing to market a new product? Or, maybe you’re in the television and theatre business? Regardless, Handmade Creations Ltd is here to help. 

We’re a local business based in Southampton that’s been around since 1991. During this 26 year lifespan, we’ve put a smile on the faces of numerous clients that keep coming back for more. While we offer a variety of services, our speciality lies in prop and set construction. Consequently, our prop hire and prop making services are incredibly popular. 
Prop Hire and Prop Making
As you can tell by our name, Handmade Creations Ltd is all about doing things by hand. We like to create props ourselves as it enables us to produce unique objects. The benefit of this is that we can cater the props directly for our clients. If you need something very specific, we can make it, and you can hire it. 

Our prop hire and prop making services are popular amongst various clients in different industries. Primarily, we see a lot of clients from the film and theatre industries. While we do make custom props designed for you, we also have various stock items for hire. These are various objects and items that will look perfect on stage. We feel that providing both prop hire and prop making services gives you more choice. If you don’t need a custom-made prop, you can save money by hiring a stock item and using it for as long as you need it. 

On the other hand, if you’re in need of a specific prop and can’t find it on our stock list, we can make it for you. Many of our clients request us to make props that they’ll then use time and time again, meaning they get excellent value for money over time. 

There are many reasons a business comes to us for prop hire and prop making services. As mentioned earlier, a lot of them need props for exhibitions. If you’re setting up an exhibition stand and really want it to stand out, a few clever props will greatly benefit you. Likewise, they’re ideal to help set the scene at a business conference if you’re up on stage giving a talk. Of course, many of our loyal clients come to us for props they can use during product marketing. You might need props for a product photo shoot or to use in a marketing video. 

Regardless of why you need them, our prop hire and prop making services are here to help you. We take great care in everything we do and ensure every prop is made to the highest standard imaginable. 
Contact Us For Prop Hire And Prop Making Services
If you’re interested in our prop hire and prop making services, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact us today, and we’ll happily answer any questions you might have about our services. We’ll also talk you through pricing and show you some of the props we’ve produced and the stock items for hire. 

Make sure you act fast as our prop hire service is very popular and some of the most desirable items might get hired by someone else!

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